Janet (Williams) Green Scholarship

Janet (Williams) Green Scholarship
Media Release

Established by Jim and Janet (Williams) Green, the mission of the scholarship is to provide higher educational opportunities for East Richland High School graduates with desire and financial need.  Higher education can be a university or technical school but not including graduate school or higher studies.  Junior and Community College students will be considered if they have a greater financial need.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must be a graduate of Richland County High School, must demonstrate financial need, be a full time student, and not have access to other substantial scholarships or grants that will completely pay for their education costs.

Additional criteria for determining acceptability will be:  high school/college grade point averages, leadership roles in school and community and work experience.  Applicants need not be recent high school graduates but, could be persons who desire to re-start their education.  For the purposes of the scholarship, an academic year is a full course college program or its equivalent.  The scholarship can only be awarded to students in their first four years of college.  Any applicant who has completed four years of college or who is enrolled in a graduate program is not eligible for this scholarship.

Click here for the initial application.

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Completed applications should be submitted to:

Attn:  Janet Williams Green Scholarship Committee
PO Box 685
Olney, IL  62450

Applications must be received by June 10 of each year to be eligible for consideration.  Recipients will be chosen by the Janet Williams Green Scholarship Committee.

No Guarantee of Funding

Scholarship amounts will depend on funds available and the number of qualifying applicants.  This applies to both new scholarships and renewal of current scholarship recipients.