Ambassador Scholarship
In 1997, the Directors of the East Richland Foundation for Academic Excellence established the ERFAE Ambassador award.  The recipient of this honor was chosen as an ERFAE Ambassador to represent his or her graduating class.  The honor was given with the highest regard for student effort during the past four years at Richland County High School.  This honor was presented to individuals who demonstrate the ambassadorial qualities of intelligence, individuality of thought/creativity, initiative/motivation, judgment/maturity, oral and written communication skills, integrity, leadership, and participation in various activities.  In recognition of the recipient's achievements, he or she was awarded a $1,000.00 scholarship.

In 2004, the Directors of ERFAE elected to bestow this honor on two individuals from the graduating class.  The Ambassador title still carries the original honor and each individual must meet the established ambassadorial qualities.  In recognition for their achievements, they are each awarded a $1,500.00 scholarship.

 2019 Scholarship Recipients
Caleb Thomas & Maci Burgener
2019 Recipients