Thank You RCCU #1 Board of Education
November 15 - Illinois School Board Members Day

November 15, 2020 will mark the twelfth state-wide observance of School Board Members Day in Illinois.  The theme for this year is Perseverance through Leadership.  The Richland County School District invites all members of the community to join in saying 'thank you' to our local board of education, and to honor their commitment to providing outstanding educational opportunities for the children and youth of Richland County.

Richland County School District Superintendent of Schools Chris Simpson commented, "The Richland County School Board's seven members are all strong advocates for public education.  Each board member brings a unique perspective that helps to guide our school district."

The members of the Richland County School Board are listed below.
  • Jeff Wilson - President
  • Leon Redman - Vice-President
  • Cindy Lockley - Secretary
  • Dennis Anderson
  • Kelsie Barnes
  • Steve Marrs
  • Doug Schneider
"There is no doubt that these are challenging times in education and this board has had to confront some very difficult issues.  The citizens of Richland County should know that the RCCU1 Board of Education takes their role very seriously and they always strive to make decisions based on the best interest of students," state Simpson.

The Illinois Association of School Boards is made up of nearly 6000 board members representing 850 school districts across the state of Illinois.