RCHS Graduation Plans
2020 RCHS Graduation Plans

The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 is going to take place over three events this Spring. We need all of our Seniors to please read the information and stay tuned for further announcements.

A traditional ceremony is simply not a possibility in the foreseeable future for a school of our size, so we are working hard to make this a memorable and meaningful event for everyone despite the circumstances. Our hope is that all of our Seniors and Senior families will choose to participate in this event and embrace it for the uniqueness and excitement it could provide. If you choose to join us in this effort, we believe it could be a great event for One Tiger Nation.

Event 1 - May 17
At 3:00 p.m. a video will stream on FB and Youtube to commemorate the official graduation day of the Class of 2020. The video will include senior portraits of each graduate, music, tributes, etc. Senior Awards will also be announced during this video.  Click here to access YouTube channel where videos will be aired.

Event 2 - May 30
On this day, the graduating seniors will participate in a drive-up style graduation ceremony from 12:00-7:00 p.m. The location and specific routes are still in process.

The time will be divided up into 30 minute arrival times in order to prevent a long line and wait time. Students/parents will need to call into the high school office to select their arrival time, and are encouraged to communicate with friends ahead of time to schedule similar times. This can be done starting Tuesday, May 12th by calling in to the high school office. Students are encouraged to arrive at their scheduled time and not before. 10-12 Students will be allotted to each 30 minute block.

Students will pick up caps, gowns, cords, etc. ahead of time and wear them to the ceremony. Details of this pickup will go out sometime next week.

Each graduate will be allowed to have a small number of family members out of the vehicle as they walk up the aisle and receive their diploma. Another family member will drive the car around to meet them on the other side.

The graduates will be filmed through this process and Spieth’s Photography will be on hand to photograph the students on stage. Each graduate will receive a complimentary 4x6 portrait from Spieth's and families will of course be allowed to photograph the event.

Graduates will be encouraged to decorate their cars in honor of this celebration. Upon exiting the park, the graduates will be encouraged to drive down through town to celebrate provided that they continue to practice responsible social distancing throughout.

Local law enforcement and RCHS staff will be used to help with traffic flow and organization of the event. All parties involved will wear PPE unless they are being photographed or filmed. Spectators will not be allowed in the park for this event and all students and families must remain in vehicles until their time to graduate.

Event 3 - Date Time TBD

Mr. Ryden will take video from the drive-up ceremony and edit it together with music, speeches, tributes, awards, etc. to create the official RCHS graduation video that will be released at a to be determined time online.

It is our hope that with some time, the Seniors will be able to gather in small groups with families or possibly even as a class to view the premiere of the ceremony.