Principal Appreciation Day-October 25, 2019
Principal Appreciation Day

Friday, October 25th is Principal Appreciation Day across Illinois. This state-endorsed recognition was first approved by the Governor of Illinois in 1990 and is annually celebrated. “The role of the principal is challenging and rewarding, and it is vitally important to the success of a school and the students it serves,” stated Chris Simpson, Superintendent of Schools for Richland County School District. “Having spent 13 years in this position, I know the work and dedication necessary to be an effective principal. The Richland County School District is fortunate to have such a high-quality administrative staff that strives every day to make decisions based on the best interest of students.”

The Richland County School District is served by building principals and assistant principals in three schools. A listing of these is below.

Richland County High School

  • Andy Thomann – Principal
  • Andy Julian – Assistant Principal

Richland County Middle School

  • Darrell Houchin – Principal
  • J.D. Hubbard – Assistant Principal

Richland County Elementary School

  • Cris Edwards – Principal
  • Margaret Hahn – Associate Principal (Grades 1-5)
  • Jennifer Tedford – Associate Principal (Early Childhood/Kindergarten)
  • Mick Whittler – District Special Needs Coordinator

The week of October 20-26, 2019, is designated as Principals Week, and Friday, October 25, 2019, as Principals Day in Illinois. The purpose of this proclamation is to recognize principals for the unique role they play in providing each child with the opportunity to receive a quality education and foundation for a successful future.

Principal Appreciation Day provides learning communities an opportunity to publicly recognize the work, commitment and importance of principals, assistant principals, and deans throughout the state. The Richland County School District invites all teachers, students, parents and community members to acknowledge the leadership of building administrators in Illinois’ public schools.